Chiropody treatment per half hour (cutting of nails, corns , callsus, verrucas)

£36 surgery

£42 domiciliary

Local anaesthetic £90

Nail surgery – For painful, ingrowing, involuted and thickened nails.

Price (with injection local anaesthetic and without phenol) £290

Price (with phenolisation to nail matrix to prevent re-growth) £360

Complete nail removal classes as one side. Prices include all redressing until healed, so no hidden costs to you. Small digits are discounted as they tend to heal quicker.


Over the counter orthotics price from £40

Prescription orthotics prices from £390

Full Biomechanical assessment consultation

Including Gait analysis, Prescription Scan £140

(if orthotics are purchase then this cost will be deducted from the prescription orthotics price)